Cantina Carnitas

Cantina Carnitas Burrito Club FAQ's

The Lowdown

What is Burrito Club?

Burrito club is the new online delivery platform from burrito maestros Cantina Carnitas using their amazing new hot holding minivan!

Why is it called Burrito Club?

By ordering burritos delivered direct to your workspace, meeting room, studio or wherever you graft we think its only fitting you take a break from your creative or admin flow to celebrate the power and goodness of a hearty burrito meal as a club unique to your organisation!

How does it work?

Enter your delivery location

Enter your delivery time

Select your burrito meals (minimum of four, maximum of twenty five)

Confirm order and pay

Eagerly await delivery

We also want you to be part of a movement who can celebrate the freshest burritos the capital has to offer!

What’s the food offer?

Burrito Club is 1 burrito, & 1 soft drink- have a click online to see todays menu!

Where does the delivery cover?

At present the first phase of the Cantina Carnitas Burrito Club project covers the SG5 postcode area 

When doe Burrito Club operate.

It’s up to you! Pre-order up to 9.30am for the coming week between Monday and Friday

Can I collect from the Cantina Carnitas restaurant on Bucklersbury

This is the first version of the website so expect a collection option in the future but not at present.

What if I miss someone out of our burrito club order?

Call us straight away and we can add to the order and get it on your delivery. As it’s a set menu of five burritos as a minimum we cannot schedule another delivery for one burrito unfortunately.

Surely Clubs mean benefits?

Burrito Club is the cheapest online delivered set menu burrito meal in London and by ordering through Burrito Club the first time you automatically subscribe to offers, free goodies and recipes direct to your inbox on a monthly basis.

Ready to try out the service?

Visit Burrito Club