NEW Menu Specials for 2020

Blog post - by Matt & Jeff Cantina Carnitas

Happy 2020! This year we will be showcasing 2 new menu items per month and 1 guest hot sauce per month, that's 24 new dishes and 12 new sauces, as well as bringing the Cantina Fried Chicken Sandwich on the menu full time AND bringing 3 new desserts on by the end of January! The Specials idea comes from the our favourite computer game Streetfighter 2 The World Warrior, with different burritos represented by different characters and their nationalities, obviously that's way too geeky for Karen from West Hill to get so we've gone for names that echo films & Music from over the years that have influenced us!

BRUSHING OFF that first week of 2020 to WELCOME the NEW SCHOOL MONTHLY Cantina Carnitas BOX OFFICE Specials! Every month we’ll be putting the WORLD FLAVOUR heat on the street with 2 BLOCKBUSTER flavours, lip smackingly fresh hot sauces and layer upon layer of umami packed burritos for all diets. Kicking off January we have two amazing features.First up, THE CRISPY HOWARD which is a confit duck leg, shredded and crisped on the griddle, stir fried veg, egg fried rice and homemade hoisin sauce- add a touch of Sriracha or scotch bonnet to give it an extra kick and you’ll be BE BLISSED OUT TO DUCK!

The second FLAVOUR FEATURE of the month is THE MARRAKESH EXPRESS, which is our first directors cut SUPERFOOD BURRITO! Warming Moroccan veg curry full of squash,broccoli,carrots and peas served with rice,beans,coriander and choice of dairy to give it layers of creamy depth or with vegan smoked garlic mayo to smooth the heat. THIS pre rolled fully loaded delight is guaranteed to leave your lips tingling for hours afterwards and a few days later you’ll catch yourself in the mirror and say ‘THAT LITTLE CANTINA MARRAKESH NUMBER IS NAUGHTY’ whilst humming to Crosby,Stills & Nash 

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