Cantina Carnitas


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FoodDrunk: Street Food & Cider Festival + Live Music & DJs​

Bedford Gig!

Rocking the full menu at Esquires Bedford all day & night as part of a four truck collective!

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Private Wedding

secret location from burrito wedding crashers

Burrito and taco sitting in the tree,K.I.S.S.I.N.G

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The Return of the Mac Daddy

check for the new inflatable....

After a one month hiatus from Street Food Monthly the intrepid Mexican street food maestros roll out the burritos of distinction for an unruly crowd…..

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Hitchin Creative Art Fair

I think The Beatles played here too.

Cantina Carnitas at Hitchin Town hall

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Hitchin Beer Festival 2017- 3 dayer

Hitchin Beer Festival 2017- 3 dayer

Cask ales & tortilla tales!

Three days of sun-rays, cask ales and tortilla tales as the mighty Cantina Carnitas rock out three unadulterated days of spice, guacamole and the freshest salsa packed inside their burritos of distinction.

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