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Over the winter months we've been chilling with our long term friend and fitness trainer Troy Martin and discussing Mexican street food and its nutritional benefits, its then we decided it would be cool to post a series of blog posts around burritos and how that fits in with a healthy lifestyle...

What is Mexitrition?

Mexican + nutrition = Mexitrition. Cantina Carnitas are upping their game in 2018 and in this age of fake news Matt & Jeff are keen to educate about the nutritional value of traditional Mexican street food. That’s where I come in. Hello, I’m Troy. I run TM Fitness, a Hitchin based personal training and nutrition coaching service. When it comes to exercise my expertise lies in corrective exercise, sports conditioning and kettle-bell coaching. On the nutrition side of things, I specialise in weight loss and performance nutrition, so if you want to get in shape for a CrossFit contest or the London Marathon gimme a shout. You can find me on Facebook here ( I apologise in advance for the amount of film references, especially the Star Wars quotes.

Are Burritos a cheat meal?

If you are someone who takes your fitness and nutrition seriously you may have tried various diet styles, pills, potions and extremely restrictive fad diets. It’s popular in gyms around the world to practice “clean” eating but allow yourself the occasional “cheat” meal. I have a problem with this mentality. You see, food is food, it’s all fuel and there is more to food than just the macronutrient breakdown. There’s the emotional factor, the social aspect, especially in the context of street food and diet plans that call for strict restriction of certain food groups or place foods on a banned list aren’t usually healthy for the ol’ psyche. The important thing is to realise that there are no fattening foods, only fattening AMOUNTS of food.

I want to keep this short but essentially weight management is about 24-hour energy balance, that’s all the energy (kilo calories) in versus all the energy out over a 24-hour period and this includes sleep! It’s not measured one meal or one workout at a time. To get a deeper understanding of this watch this video on my YouTube channel (

Why am I telling you this? Because you can easily fit a burrito into a day’s worth of Calories without it leading to you instantly turning into Jabba The Hutt. But, it’s not all about the Calories, a burritio, especially a Cantina Carnitas one, is made with mostly single ingredient whole foods. Lean meats, beans, tomatoes, wholegrain rice, avocado, cheese, etc. all those foods contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. It’s a nutritional powerhouse. The street food equivalent of Big Dave Bautista.

The message here being that you don’t have to feel guilty about food, even less nutritive foods are fine in moderation but with Cantina Carnitas you get the best of both worlds; flavour and a nutritious meal in one amazing package. If you are genuinely concerned about weight management then just apply a little nutritional responsibility and think about portion sizes.

Cantina carnitas will be happy to serve your burrito ’naked’ if you have a wheat intolerance or want to cut a few calories. Some people, for some reason are low-carb – who are we to judge? But, Matt has worked hard to put their current menu on MyFitnessPal, so the macro-tracking millennials can record their kcals and post pictures of their #iifym burrito on social media.

The message I’m trying to put across is simple. Food is to be enjoyed and so long as the majority of the food you eat is from natural whole foods and you’re eating your greens your diet Is pretty healthy. But an awareness of the energy density of your overall food intake is important if you are watching your waistline. We don’t want you tracking your Cantina Carnitas meal and getting anxious about the Calories, we just want you to enjoy it and enjoy the street food vibe.

Troy’s tip

Of course, you don’t have to track calories and you can just eat your burrito or taco and not give any Fs. But, we know that some of you might be a little anxious about foods that aren’t on the generic meal plan you got from your local gym. These meal plans don’t know your lifestyle, they don’t know your personal taste preferences and they might lead you to believe that a Quesadilla is a #cheatmeal. It’s not, it’s just a meal.Don’t stress, input your Cantina Carnitas meal into the app and then see how many Calories you have left to play with that day. This way you can have your Burrito and eat it too.

That’s all from me for now, but you can look forward to more from me in the coming months. Feel free to tag @tmfitnessuk on Instagram the next time you enjoy a Cantina Carnitas. Laters!

Join us at Kinetic Cycles on Thursday 12th April at 7pm for an evening of Free Margaritas, expresso martinis and constructing the ultimate training burrito!

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