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Things are gonna get a little pokey around Stokey as we embark on a Cantina Mexican street food adventure at Twumps bar in Dalston commencing this Thursday 2nd November. The heat will be firmly on the street with brick burritos, tacos and nachos from 7-11 Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The menu is looking like THE SHIT and if I’m right there are no burritos to be had in these ends so get down and sample the luxurious interior of Twumps bar and just as equally important the interior of a buttermilk fried chicken taco and an Obamacare nacho sharer plates with Twumps orange nacho cheese sauce!

Here's some information about the fantastic people we are partnering with for the coming month!


Twumps is a replica of President Trump’s penthouse in Trump Towers, a french renaissance “smack in the face”, dripping with crystals and bad dictator taste.

Patrons can take in the ironic surroundings whilst sipping on our signature cocktails. Crowd favourites include the Nuclear Negroni, Mexican Wall Margarita and Moscow (responsible for the election) Mule.

After stopping by The Resolute desk where customers can Instagram their power pose and post irresponsibly on the new Twumps Tweets board, they can head downstairs to the a basement to dance until the early hours. Don’t forget to check out the hidden details where we take some jabs at Trump’s tiny hands and yuge fragile ego.

Follow @Twumpsbar to check out upcoming events, including DJs, Drag shows and quiz nights.

Many of the issues that affect those in America, at the moment, are issues that affect us here in the UK and are close to our hearts; such as human rights, women’s reproductive rights and the aiding of those that are struggling with disenfranchisement.

Paul Dillane, Executive Director of Kaleidoscope Trust, said: "Kaleidoscope Trust strives to create a world where all LGBT people are free and equal. America's leadership on LGBT rights is in jeopardy and these deplorable actions send a dangerous message around the world where many LGBT people continue to face discrimination and violence because of who they are and who they love. Twumps is a fantastic initiative which seeks to counter the worst excesses of the Trump administration and every pound raised will strengthen our efforts for freedom, equality and human rights."

Fiyaz Mughal OBE FCMI, Founder of the TellMAMA campaign, said of Twumps Bar: “Londoners love their social and cultural life since this City is one of the best in the world. Londoners are willing to support social justice schemes and are one of the most socially motivated set of communities in the globe. We welcome this effort and how the founders have placed social giving at the heart of their business model.”

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