Rolling Thunder\El Jefe Conversion update

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I've been sitting on these pictures all week and think its only fair to get them out there for all Cantina crew to have a peek. We are one month away from going live at Flatiron Square, London and the truck is about 70% converted. The food prep space is 20ft long by 10ft wide and equates to twice the length of our current trailer from towing end to the back door for serving room alone so pretty big! Its nights like tonight where we've sweated for 5 hours in a 6ft square space that puts it all in perspective. We imported the behemoth Chevrolet Freightliner (24ft long) last September and its been a dormant project simply because there is no way of getting it registered to legally drive on the UK roads (the DVSA dont seem to know a lot and its such a grey area regarding the commerciality of imported trucks for conversion) and its way too much a risk spending serious cash on the conversion to run the risk of it being impounded.....So we are putting it on a low loader and its going to live static just off Borough Market full time. Rolling Thunder is a name close to our hearts based on a classic arcade game from 1986 ( you know we love that shit!) The truck is getting a full wrap next week, playing to the strengths and clean lines of the truck with a single giant Cantina Carnitas logo on the side. We are hoping to have a micro herb garden on the roof and of course our inflatable Cantina logo, and our view will be The Shard every day. Dont worry we'll keep you posted on launch date so keep your tastebuds tingling London is coming very, very soon.

Here's some more info on Flatiron Square

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